Organization Profile

FEED is a non-profit, non-governmental non-political committed organization working nationwide for the protection of the environment, the rights of the people to clean and fresh water and air, the promotion of sustainable development, of the protection of the cultural heritage also socio-economic development under sustainable skill training by the people of Bangladesh.

FEED undertakes several social services like Gender Discrimination, Legal Awareness and Property Rights, Political Awareness and Participation, Prostitution, Reproductive and health issues of women, Right to Good Health and Nutrition, Violence against women, Women Empowerment, Women’s education, training and skill development.

FEED believe that if, all of us unite and take proper care in protection and conservation of the limited natural resources, we can give our children a better tomorrow. It is possible only through community participation and awareness.

FEED has been actively involved in creating awareness among NGO’s, Lawyers, Scientists, Senior Officials, Academicians, Students & Youth through training and capacity building program me’s, seminars, workshops, declamation contests and other grass roots level activities. Natural water flow is disrupted. Natural calamities like flash flood and earthquake are frequent phenomena, siltation of rivers and canals results in water logging and flash floods, risk reduction activities are not effective in terms of mass awareness on disaster risk reduction & management, relief & rehabilitation, social terrorism region over laws, people are vulnerable to easy drug availability, local cottage industry is diminishing due to missing market linkage, lack of capital and lack of modern production technology, people are not aware about sustainable livestock. Tea garden workers are traditionally living as quasi slaves. Government’s khasland policy is influenced by the encroachers and influential people. The infrastructure facilities in the area are underdeveloped, social and religious leaders do not actively participate in the development activities.

Foundation for Environment and Economic Development (FEED) runs its major parts of development activities in Sylhet division, which still belongs to relatively untouched area, sufficient local development institutions did not emerge, government initiatives have been as elsewhere rudimentary, the gap between poor and rich rise social imbalance, high degree of conservatism and significant influence of fundamental have hindered the process of development in the Sylhet division.

FEED registered with NGO affairs bureau, Prime Minister Office in October 24, 2002 with the initiative of founder and Executive Director and former HKIVA-Japan volunteer Mr. Abdul Mukit Chowdhury. FEED runs major part of its integrated development activities in Sylhet division, northeast part of the country. FEED regulates its project activities and maintain communication and liaison with donor agencies, concerned govt. departments and other related organizations from Head Office, Dhaka in the capital city of Bangladesh.