Be a Volunteer

Human is a social race. People can not live long outside a sociaty. In a sociaty we need each others support and cooperation to develop ourselve. To build a better living place and sociaty we need help and cooperation from each other.

Most of the soacial activity directly related to some financial transiction because through money we can excange product and services. But sometimes we need to provide our service without getting any financial benefit.

Sociaty have different economic classes. Who live in a very poor economical stage of sociaty we try to help them to reduce their poverty and bring up them to a good position in the soaciaty.

To support all those who are need support for their financial diability, Natural disater or affected by any disater they need support and then we call our voulunteer. Who are really a good person from their inner heart. Who have will to help with out any financial purpose we welcome them please join our team.


send your CV and Letter of interest to this email to become a volunteer: