Behind the Scene of Education : A comparative study of schooling

Behind the Scene of Education : A comparative study of schooling

All the children of Bangladesh are supposed to receive full free education up to secondary level. But the actual scenario is quite different, especially children from poorer households both in rural and urban areas are not getting the minimum level of education for many reasons. Experts suggested some policies such as strong education policy, infrastructure development, modernized education system, skill-based learning process, budget on education, qualitative teacher recruitment’s, etc. can play a vital role in developing quality education. According to the Directorate of Primary Education(DPE), Bangladesh has one of the largest primary education systems in the world consisting of almost 10 million school-aged students. We believe that education removes the darkness of the mind. That is why each and every child should get excellent education irrespective of all socio-economic status because only education can make a difference.

Image source: The Daily Star

Lack of qualified teachers and poor school facilities in terms of the number of schools, classrooms, libraries and playgrounds are responsible for poor quality education at primary schools in Bangladesh. According to a recent report of Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), 6,300 primary schools around the country don’t have a headmaster and teacher student’s ratio is 53:1. The basic fundamentals of education are it’s an equal right for all, everyone should get proper education irrespective of their socio-economic status. A teacher is a crucial person in schooling so their duty is to ensure equal opportunity for all. Discrimination in every stage of education must be removed. Teaching methods of our education system must need renovation where they need to emphasize on classroom interaction instead of bookish lecture. Instead of practising power relationship, the teacher should handle the premises by mutual cooperation and friendly environment so that they can achieve the ultimate goal. Above all, teaching is not a job o; it’s a responsibility so a teacher should keep in mind this moral ethics before entering into it.

There are several organization who is working for child education in Bangladesh. Along with the government, different NGOs and NPOs are working to alleviate educational inequalities. UNICEF, World Bank, Teach for Bangladesh, Brac, etc. have been initiated many programs to bring quality education in both primary and secondary level. To reduce educational inequality and disparity in specific schools or institution they are trying to provide dynamic leaders to bring innovation in our education system.

The government is also taking effective measures to make education free for all. To increase the number of children in the school primary education is made compulsory for all. Apart from that girl’s education is given more care than before by providing special stipend program up to secondary level. World Bank assisted Female Secondary School Assistance Program(SAP) since 1994.  Asian Development Bank assisted Secondary Education Development Project(SEDP) since 1993. All of these projects contributed to the government in the education sector by improving the quality of education, improved gender equity in primary level to the secondary school level etc.

Our education system should be redesigned with the demand of the global market from the primary level. In the 21st century, the geographical barrier has now diminished by the concept of globalization. The territory is now opened for all to share knowledge and culture due to the invention of technology. Digital technology makes our life closer we could not ever think before. Our education is producing unskilled labour which could not be able to contribute to our economy. These huge highly educated unemployed labour could be our great asset if we initiated a skilled based education program earlier. Technical education, Information and communication technology-driven program, self-innovation etc. should be added to our education system. The budget for education should be increased to expand education in every corner of the country.


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